For Organizations

How you can help as an organization:

Start your own spay/neuter program:
There are many types of programs that offer spay/neuter assistance.  Some examples include: low cost spay/neuter clinics, voucher programs, mobile unit spay/neutering, TNR (or trap, neuter, return) programs for feral cats, or even partnerships with local vets willing to offer lower cost surgeries.
Each program has its own capacities and operates with a different model based on the community they serve, so we advise assessing the area you plan to serve and then finding the appropriate type of program.  As an example, it might not be sustainable to open up a high volume spay/neuter clinic in a thinly populated area.

Visit and click on the “Start a Program” tab for more information.  If you would like additional assistance, please call the Spay Indiana hotline or email ***********.

Spay/neuter your organization’s animals before adoption:
Are you a rescue organization or animal shelter which houses animals to be adopted out?  Do you spay or neuter all of the animals before adopting them out?  If not, you might be contributing to the pet overpopulation involuntarily.
Increasing the number of adoptions is great, but spaying or neutering before adoption is key to prevent even more unwanted pregnancy from the animals adopted from your rescue organization or animal shelter.

Fast Facts

Spaying can save your best friend’s life.
Female dogs and cats can have their first heat cycle and get pregnant as young as five months old.  Spaying your kitten or puppy before her first heat will not only eliminate the possibility of pregnancy but will reduce the chances of ovarian and breast cancer.
Less chance of bites!
Intact dogs are 2.6 times more likely to bite than an unaltered animal.
Spaying and Neutering slices the rate of death.
Approximately four million cats and dogs (about one every eight seconds) are euthanized U.S. shelters every year.