Did We Miss a Clinic

If you know of a clinic or low-cost spay/neuter provider that we missed on our map, please let us know!

Thankfully, new spay/neuter resources are springing up all the time. Help us ensure our list is accurate. Please email info@spayindiana.org to report a location that we missed.

Fast Facts

Fix [fiks] (verb):
1. transitive verb: veterinary medicine sterilize animal: to spay or neuter an animal (informal)
2. transitive verb: mend or correct something: to repair, mend, or correct something
3. transitive verb: hold somebody’s attention: to hold or capture the attention or interest of somebody
The “mutts” aren’t the only problem.
Approximately  25% of animals in shelters are purebred.  Just because an animal has “papers” does not mean it should be bred.  Spaying or neutering your pet will prevent your cherished pet’s offspring from ending up in shelters.